My Name is Dysphoria

My name is dysphoria
I am the keening of grief
The deep pit of sorrow
When everything seems most bleak
That stab of heartache
And suffering collapse
Brings long sleepless nights
And tortured days of woe
So alone in the dark
Covered with my heavy blanket
Of despondent dwelling 
You know I love company
My confidant is anxiety
Beckoning you in self-torment
Makes help seem so impossible
The voice that asks,
"What's the point?"

What I don't want you to know:

You are worthy
You are worth it
You do deserve to be happy
Reach for the light
Friends are waiting
You can be free
Help is available anytime
Suicide Prevention Hotline


Published by karaluna

Kara was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, in a tiny town, Sequim, Wa. The closest mall was two and a half hours away in Silverdale, Seattle a ferryboat ride away. She spent her childhood playing in the woods, exploring her imagination, and learning to be a mechanic from her father. Creative writing was always an outlet. She started a career as a motorcycle mechanic, to later find she wanted to try something else. After several career changes, she finds herself yet again on the road with only the journey ahead. She writes whenever she can. She has been published in her previous work’s newsletter, The Healthy Heron.

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