Cast of Characters in The Songsmiths Saga

Tugboat crew:

Captain Cabezon (cab-uh-zawn)or “Cabby”, 58 winters. Tan hair and tan skin. Waterborne, grew up on the coast with the Fisher Folk and his adopted brother Leo, then traveled to Tinker Town to learn Mech. A seasoned diver. Designated Producer.

First Mate:
Halcurin (hal-cure-in)or “Hal”, 36 winters, son of Captain Cabby’s best friend, Otto.  Dark hair and beard. A seasoned diver.

Chief Engineer:
Eccentric – or “Cen”, 64 winters, named after a part in a steam engine. Crazy grey frizzy hair, eternal 5 o’clock shadow. Grew up in Tinker Town, son of two professors. Could assemble an engine before he could talk. Always covered in grease of some kind. He’s also built wheelchairs and prosthetics for those that need them. Uses things he finds laying around. Adopted Wheels when he found the young boy floating on a driftwood log one summer, nearly hypothermic.

Twins Goose and Acorn – 16 winters, like a couple of barnacles, as their mom always called them. Grew up with the Fisher Folk, waterborne, both tall and lanky, brown hair.  Goose is ½” taller than Acorn, but otherwise are the mirror image of each other. Orpheus uses them for certain acts, when people don’t know there are two identical boys. They are becoming extremely agile pickpockets. Shhhh! Don’t tell their mom!

Chever (shev-er) – 53 winters. Tall, handsome, olive-complected. Scab, grew up with the Grazen but was kidnapped at age 12 by the Nomads and forced into their army. He served 8 winters for the nomads before escaping. Traveled on his own for a while before he met up with and was adopted by the Songsmiths. 


Orpheus (or-fee-us)–43 winters. Dark hair and dark goatee. A learned musician, he grew up in the Songsmith college (his mom is a professor of music theory), always knew he was destined to perform with them.  He started out in small stage productions, singing with his guitar.  He learned everything he could and trained on all classical instruments.  Does not get along with his stepfather. Wears a tricorn hat.

Marcus – 33 winters. Dark blonde and lightly tanned. Drummer, guitarist, and actor. Smooth and dangerous. Can talk anyone into anything. Scab, grew up in Grit City.

David – 19 winters. Goofy, lanky, long blonde hair that’s always messy. Musician, plays in the ensemble. Super nice, always drunk on wine or mead. Scab, grew up in Concretia.

Gunther – 42 winters. Balding, beer belly. Stalky, scary guy. Loves to scare small children. Dresses up in scary costumes and plays music about angry things. Collects skulls that he decorates his bunk and performs with. Likes to break things. Good at demolitions. Scab, grew up south of Grit City.

Tish – 28 winters. Singer, dancer, and performer. Absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Dark wavy hair. Specializes in erotic dance. Known for seducing men out of money and weapons, without even touching them. Has a vast network of contacts that aren’t always reputable. Waterborne, grew up on Vashon.

Vergilius (ver-jill-e-us)– 58 winters. Somewhat quiet and quirky older gentleman. Monk’s balding pattern. Never married, but very loving of all. Studied at the Songsmith college and known for his spoken word and recited poetry, mostly serious or romantic works. He does have a few silly poems for when the crowd is too bawdy to listen to a tragedy or romance. Waterborne, grew up in South Ferry.

Reuben (roo-bin) – 46 winters. Tan hair, light skin, trimmed goatee. Knife thrower, parkour assassin.  Used to serve with a small mercenary group that targeted Nomad encampments. Was almost blown up in an explosion, but somehow survived. Also security and logistics for the crew. Scab, grew up in Grit City.

Hylonome (hi-lawn-uh-mee) – 26 winters, dark hair and tan skin. Crooked nose from being broken and not set right. Ex mercenary who at one point was a prisoner of the Nomads. Expert marksman and knife thrower. Uses shuriken she makes out of scrap metal. Assassin and parkour escape artist. Scab, grew up east of Concretia.

Leo the Lion – 43 winters, Burly man, happens to have a cleft palate/lip that makes him appear to look like a lion. He further encourages this by growing out his red hair and makes it extra frizzy. Abandoned next to a river as a toddler.  Captain Cabby’s mom found him and nursed him to health. She raised him as her own and he grew up with them, considered waterborne. Leo, Cabby, and Otto were inseparable as children. He found life among Fisher Folk increasingly more difficult after Cabby left for mech school. Leo left and joined a group of Songsmiths that preceded Orpheus’ troupe. Besides dressing as a lion, he’s a gifted carpenter. He can build anything with wood, from a house to a toy doll. Married to Todi.

Todi (toad-ee) – 48 winters. Wife of Leo. Dark hair and complexion, voluptuous. Mezzo-soprano with amazing range and emotion. Waterborne, grew up with the Fisher Folk, but always dreamed of singing with the Songsmiths. She left home to pursue her aspirations and met Leo. They’ve been married 16 winters.

Lottia – or “Lotti”, 44 winters Cabby’s younger sister, waterborne. Expressive actress but also talented seamstress. She grew up repairing sails and created her own costumes from random textile finds. Lost her leg in an unfortunate accident. Now she gets along with a prosthetic fashioned by Cen. Likes to play practical jokes.

Rose – 36 winters. Very pale, very blonde. Feisty. Beautiful soprano voice, avid reader, and actress. Really funny. Also learning to throw daggers. Pairs up with Wheels and Caracal for magic tricks. Waterborne, grew up in Gary Oak.

Wheels – 46 winters. Long brown hair tied in the back, goatee. Very strong upper body, but legs have never worked. Uses a wheelchair built by Cen; spinning the wheels causes a magneto to charge a small battery. Crafty, charming magician. Cen adopted him when the (then) small boy was found floating just off shore from Port Tee. Waterborne.

Caracal (care-uh-cal) – 26 winters. A fire juggler, magician, contortionist, tightrope walker, and sword swallower. Can balance on anything. Crouches like a cat and wears eye makeup like one. Scab, grew up east of Park City.

Lilly – 23 winters. Bright red hair and a fiery personality. Slender, athletic young woman, fire dancer and contortionist. She has been obsessed with fire since a young age. Her act makes one wonder if she is in fact controlling the flame with her mind. Very experienced with pyrotechnics and may have set several Nomad buildings on fire (but won’t admit to it). Scab, grew up far east of Mukilteo.

Ronquil (ron-kill)- 43 winters, thinning brown hair, clean shaven. Spotter for the fire dancers, always has a damp towel at the ready. Keen eye for danger, always seems to be at the right place at the right time.

Other characters:

Bastion (bas-tee-un) – 53 winters. stagehand, good at building scaffolding and set design. Makes sure props are where they’re supposed to be. Also plays stand up bass, but hasn’t performed in a while, used to when he was in his 20’s and 30’s. Now he prefers to help out behind the scenes. Estray’s mentor.

Estray (ess-tray) – She might be 15 winters, nobody is sure. Beautiful chestnut hair, almond eyes. Young girl adopted by the Songsmiths when she was maybe one or two. Happens to have Tris. She’s mostly mute, except will quietly whisper to Bastion, whom she attached to the first day she joined with the Songsmiths. She’s his assistant, helps with set up and tear down, painting, and building.

Lump – 10 winters old. a Tris girl who sneaks aboard. Learned self-defense from an assassin, Mack, who unfortunately was murdered by the Nomads. Tried to sneak onto the steamboat to escape her pursuers.

Otto – 58 winters, dark hair and skin, has suffered a long-term breathing problem, preventing him from getting too active. He grew up with Cabby and Leo amongst the fisher folk. The three boys were inseparable, The Triad, they called themselves. They explored tide pools, built driftwood forts, dreaming of life on the sea. Soon, Otto, being the oldest, began noticing girls and hung out with the other two boys less and less. This was also due to his breathing problems getting worse, hindering him from being as active as the other boys, which resulted in a falling out. Cabby went off to learn Mech in Tinker Town and Leo joined the Songsmiths. Otto married Gera and had Hal. Finding his son didn’t have the same breathing problem, Otto raised him to be an able seaman, and sent him to live with the Songsmiths to gain experience.

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