Batteries Not Included

-1- balanced and watched its owner’s progress on BuilderZ, oblivious to what was about to happen. Mira knew she risked serious bodily harm, but she had no choice. She sat on her gaming chair cross-legged in her blue cutoff jumpsuit, and slowly reached towards the drone that perched quietly atop her short, pink hair. MovingContinue reading “Batteries Not Included”

The Sky Is a Neighborhood

Mira knew she was in trouble the second the “New Message” icon appeared. Only official messages were sent in this manner.“Frag!” she swore.Mira’s holo-plaid nail hovered over the button. 225,000 miles away, her Remote Control Vehicle paused, cement hose in grapple, and awaiting further commands. The other RCVs blew liquid cement into forms, rebuilding theContinue reading “The Sky Is a Neighborhood”